Snyder Cut Expectations

The time has finally come. I finally have a weekend with no plans and a subscription to HBO Max. It’s time to set aside my entire afternoon or evening to watch the Justice League Snyder Cut. I’ve already seen the original and have been disappointed at it. So now it’s time to see if adding two hours improved it. 

I thought I would make a list of my hopes and expectations before watching the movie. Then once I’ve seen it I’ll revisit the list to recount what actually happened. I haven’t made a post like this before and wanted to try out the idea. 

  1. Making a mediocre movie longer will not make it better. Justice League wasn’t a horrible film. It was dull and suffered from what I consider lazy writing and characters. I don’t expect the Snyder Cut to improve this movie from blah to good. I think it will be a longer blah movie. 
  1. The movie is four hours long! That is so stupidly long for one film. There better be a legit frame with the word “Intermission” around the midpoint of the movie for snack refills and bathroom breaks. 
  1. The Joker will make an appearance and won’t be a lame version of the character. (I already know the Joker will show up but I don’t know anything else about him.)
  1. The Joker’s role will have a significant impact on the story or at least on Batman’s backstory. 
  1. The alien big bad, uh… (Google search in progress) Steppenwolf will be a more interesting villain than he was in the original. It’s too much to hope that he would be ditched entirely.
  1. Cringey quippy dialog. It happened in the original Justice League I think it will still happen in the Snyder Cut. Hopefully, it will occur to a lesser degree or in a way that doesn’t feel as forced. Normally I like funny quippy dialog, but this movie did not do it well.
  1. Superman will still be used as a cheap deus ex machina. I mean, the dude’s so overpowered most villains don’t have any hope of putting up a decent fight let alone winning.
  1. Cyborg won’t be as brooding. This is more of a hope than an expectation. Because I was really hoping for a Cyborg character like the one in the original (and best) Teen Titans animated series. I was supremely disappointed by this version of him. Not a single “Booyah!”… it was very sad.
  1. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Justice League, so I’m not going to remember this accurately. There is that one scene when Batman and the Flash are talking about how fear powers the enemies (or something like that). But somehow Flash’s fear didn’t do anything? It just didn’t make any sense. In the Snyder Cut, I expect that will change so it logically makes sense.
  1. The scene of Superman attacking the rest of the heroes will be changed significantly. It felt unrealistic considering Superman’s nature. It was unnecessary drama padding out the content of the movie.
  1. Diana will have a bigger role in the movie. Or at the very least, her role will be more memorable. For the life of me, I cannot remember what she did.
  1. Batman will still be a serious, brooding, easily mockable character.
  1. I remember not liking Lois Lane in the original movie. So I hope that she will get a less annoying characterization. 
  1. The Flash will make his appearance in the Snyder Cut faster than he did in the original. 
  1. Finally, I expect that my opinions on the Snyder Cut will end up offending someone. Because I highly doubt this movie will be worth all the effort it took fans to get it. Guess I’ll find out in the comments section. 

*Image does not belong to me. It belongs to the DC Extended Universe and the producers.

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