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Petty Reviews: SMT Nocturne

Never in my life have I simultaneously loved and hated a game so much. I’ve spent over 70 hours on Nocturne. I am SO CLOSE to the end of the game! I will beat Nocturne. I will write my full review. I can do this! I will beat Nocturne!  Within this week or the next,…

Writing Prompt: Reimagine your Life

For the fun of it and to do something different with my writing I decided to do a writing prompt. I liked how it turned out and it would be a shame to let it sit in Google Docs forever. So I decided to post it here. It isn’t my typical content but it was…

Memoirs of a Geek: Mario Kart Double Dash

Now unlike many middle-class late 90s early 2000s kids, I did not own any video game systems. There was the family PC and that was it.  (The story behind that can be read here) Instead, I mooched off of the consoles of friends and family. Luckily for me, my older cousins happened to have a…

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