Unexpected Garage Sale Find

Garage sales are very much hit or miss. Sometimes there’s only junk. Other times if you get very lucky they have unique items for a fraction of what it would cost anywhere else. This sale was already looking pretty special as the person running posted pictures of some things being sold on Facebook marketplace with the location and time of the sale. Out of these pictures we were interested in bins of old Legos. 

By the time my husband got there right when it opened this morning the Legos were already sold. Someone had shown up a half hour ahead of time and waited to buy them. While admittedly disappointing, these things do happen. However, the other things he found there more than made up for the trip. He found some cheap video games we will resell. More importantly we found an old Pokémon game for two to four players.

It’s called Pokémon Battle Dome, the Frantic Pinball Battle Game. The story of this board game is pretty great. Team Rocket are up to no good once again. You must defend your pokémon from their attacks. They hurl energy balls (the marbles) at everyone’s pokémon. The yellow balls do one point of damage and the red balls do five points of damage. The player with the highest points loses the round and moves their pokémon’s health bar down. Last player standing wins. 

The box was in pretty good shape and it still had the instructions. Not to mention the aesthetic of the box art is reminiscent of the late ‘90s early 2000s. A few of the marbles were missing but that’s not a big deal. There is one flaw with how the game was setup. I wish it was easier to take the balls out of the board. You have to flip the whole thing upside down and remove the ball dispenser to shake the balls out through the hole.   

We didn’t have time to play the full game but we did play a couple rounds. It’s extreme Hungry Hungry Hippos. It was fun! The pinball triggers worked really well. There are four bells on the center of the board. Having all this chaos of multiple ball pinball with a bunch of cheerly “ding” sounds happening was a fun time. We tied the first round. I lost the second round. Shaggy had to go back to work so he ended the game there. Since I’m not the one who stopped the game I won. That’s how that works right? 

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