Petty Reviews: Steven Universe

A long time ago I was studying abroad with a friend in Spain. Let’s call her Aqua, it’s her favorite color and sort of fits the naming system anyway. Hopefully, it’s not a name used by a character. Because I’m way too lazy to double-check. She was, probably still is, the one who loves Steven Universe. 

During our time in Spain, Aqua watched a ton of Steven Universe. I’m pretty sure the series was still ongoing at that point. She told me a ton about the show. It was practically second-hand watching with how many details she gave about the characters and story. It was a reoccurring topic. Aqua would sing praises about the show and multiple times told me how I “needed” to watch it. 

Honestly, it was because of how aggressively enthusiastic about this show which made me not want to watch it. Aqua would tell me over and over how I should watch it and that I’d love it. Her continual insistence made me dislike Steven Universe simply because I was tired of hearing about it. Plus it didn’t help that my normal reaction to being pressured about something is “Well, I don’t HAVE to do anything.” I know, I know, not very mature of me. Still can’t keep those thoughts from popping up. 

She did convince me to watch a couple of episode with her. I think I saw the first episode. All I remember was Steven freaking out about a snack called “Cookie Cats”. The second one I remember parts of it but not a lot. It involved a fusion of Steven and a human friend. Then Pearl trains her with sword fighting at some point. Pretty sure? The singing was kind of fun. I do like a good musical. 

My overall impression was that Steven Universe was okay. It didn’t really seem like anything special to me. Not to mention the reactions of the characters felt over-exaggerated and unrealistic. Normally I’d consider watching more than that to see if it gets better. With this particular show I couldn’t shake the feelings of annoyance I had. Even now, despite all the years, Steven Universe still reminds me of being pressured and annoyed by a friend. 

*Image doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to Cartoon Network and Steven Universe.

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