Free Writing Highlights: Video Games

I had writer’s block today. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t decide about what to write. I think it helped. 

Just for the fun of it please enjoy the funniest parts of my half-hour stream of consciousness writing on the topic “Video Games”. Unedited of course. 

  • Actually, this is take two with the timer. Naturally, when I tried to start writing Google Docs stopped responding. I had to refresh the page. Just another small irritant. Sigh. I really am an unlucky person.
  • Had to pause the timer again just now because my husband had to ask me a question. Gee dang. Two minutes in and I already broke the rules. Oh well. Might as well continue.
  • Video games, video games…. Like playing those. Duh. It’s why I have a blog.
  •  My cat is meowing at me. She wants pets and attention but I am busy right now.
  • Sum up with Shadow of the Colossus is really good. And STILL really hard to spell! This is the second time I misspelled it!
  • Because I like the strategy of the INTERRUPTED AGAIAN!! Arrrrgggh. What ever. Timer is back on. Will continue 
  • Oh speaking of evil, How many of you played Zoo Tycoon? Because man was I a jerk sometimes. 
  • I would cackle madly as the masses screamed in fear. This is my kingdom, I am the Goddess Supreme here! Your fate is in my hands!!! MWAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! It was a lot of fun as a kid. 
  • Anyone else shocked at how fast the lions reproduced in that game? (Zoo Tycoon)
  • Like your brain was capa THis Had beTTER BE tHE lAsT tIME!!! Alrighty. Now that I have been interrupted yet again let’s continue on with this free writing. 

Don’t worry, normal content will still be posted Friday. Still, I hope this was amusing. My brain is a terrifying place. 

*Image by Colin Sabatier on

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