Thoughts on the PlayStation 5 Console

Recently my husband and I got a new PS5. I was super excited to finally get one! You can read about my reaction here. We bought the PS5 for multiple reasons. Our PS4 is starting to die. It has lost our save data twice. We had it repaired once. While it fixed the issue, we were warned that it could happen again. Part of the reason why we wanted to buy a PS5 asap was to replace our finicky console with a new one. If we were going to buy a new system anyway we might as well buy the newest one. The new games were a part of it, as my husband wanted to play the new Miles Morales game. And I am seriously looking forward to Stray. 

Now that I have been using it for almost a week, I have a lot of thoughts about the newest PlayStation console. The PS5 does make some dramatic improvements in the gameplay experience. Load times during any game you play are practically nonexistent. It’s so nice! The PS5 has seamless transitions between different locations. Playing video games no longer has any breaks in the immersion. This speaks to my impatient soul. 

Graphics on the PS5 are truly spectacular. We have a 4k television, but we could never really use it to its full capacity before. None of our gaming systems had 4k and all of our streaming services are basic packages without 4k. Seeing games at their best brings the art form to a whole new level. It was like getting glasses for the first time. You don’t realize how much detail in the environment you miss until you put on the glasses and everything is more beautiful than you could have imagined. Alright, this is a little bit of an over-exaggeration. Still, the PS5 makes everything so pretty!

Advertisements made a big deal about the haptic feedback of the controllers. I thought it would be a nice perk, but I didn’t care that much about them. After playing through their tech demo game, Astro Playroom, I realized just how impressive these new PlayStation controllers are. The trigger buttons adjust tension while playing games. You can feel resistance as you pull levers and shoot arrows with a bow. The controller vibrates and emits sound based on what you are doing in-game. You can feel the difference between rain and hail. Even running through tall grass, mud or snow had a distinct feel with the controller. As a bonus, holding the PS5 controller is more comfortable than the PS4 controller. 

Unlike the past versions of PlayStation consoles, the PS5 has a black and white color scheme with wavy lines. The PS2, 3, and 4 basic designs were solid black and straight edges. Does it feel almost modern business minimalist? I’m not an artist so I’m not sure how to describe it. Let me put it this way if it wasn’t a console the PS5 would be sold at Ikea as artistic room decor. I think it is trying to have a “fancy” vibe which is a tiny bit dramatic. Mood. Overall, the design is good.  

There are a few things I don’t like about the system. The first is the size of the console itself. It’s a real chonker. The PS5 was big enough that we had to rearrange our entertainment setup to have it fit on our shelf. Mildly annoying, but it wasn’t a deal-breaker or anything. 

I can’t use any of my PS4 themes on it. It makes sense, the menus are set up differently and my themes wouldn’t have the same level of graphics. It did make me sad that I couldn’t personalize my home screen. Also, it was initially occasionally irritating to figure out where things are in the menus because they are different than the PS4 layout. As you use the system, that learning curve becomes a nonissue. 

I wish they had expanded backwards compatibility. It would be so fantastic to be able to play all Playstation games on one system! Heck, I would have been happy if they extended it only to the PS3. PS3 games are the only PlayStation games we can’t play (not counting the PSVita and PSP).   

So, is the PlayStation 5 worth its price tag and hassle to buy? Yes, for us it was. The price is fair for what you get. At least for the one with the disc drive. We have many PS4 games and it would be a shame not to be able to use them with the digital edition. It runs well and makes significant improvements in the video gaming experience compared to the PS4. We can still play all of our PS4 games with better graphics and way less load time. 

Buying one was such a frustrating process. Sony botched the initial preorder release. Then scalpers took over the online sales making buying one that much harder. It is honestly a huge mess of everything going wrong. We were supremely lucky to be able to get ours on GameStop’s website. For most people who are considering buying a PS5, the best option is to wait. By waiting more PS5 games will be available and hopefully the process of actually obtaining one will be less painful. The system itself lives up to the hype. The struggle of obtaining one lives up to all the memes and internet rants.

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