We just got a PS5!!

PS5 Baby! WOOOOO!!! 

Holy crap was that stressful! My gosh… We finally did it…. We finally got a PS5…. I think I might be in mild shock. 

My husband, Shaggy, and I have been trying to get a PS5 since it first came out. We would try to get one by refreshing all the store listings tabs over and over again. More than once we tried that. On release day, I went to two GameStops to see if I could get in line and snag one. I couldn’t. We both looked up websites to see when stores would restock. I would keep an eye out for signs in Meijer when I went grocery shopping. We tried hard.

Finally, we found success. Shaggy made a Twitter account solely to follow a guy who posts updates about buying a PS5 and whatever the new Xbox is called. It was a little after 2 pm when new stock would be available for purchase. Naturally, he had a zoom work meeting right after his lunch break! So it was up to me. It was up to me to persevere, defy the odds, and defeat those unscrupulous scalpers with their fiendish bots. And today, March 9, 2021, I’ve done it!! I got a PS5 in my cart, made it through the checkout process without an error, and got a confirmation email. It was truly a team effort. I couldn’t have done this without Shaggy’s information. He couldn’t have devoted the 15 minutes of frantically refreshing pages over and over again before getting a console. This is what marriage is all about, teamwork and doing what the other can’t. 

I am so happy right now! Hard to believe it actually happened. I am still reeling with the sense of victory. Today is a good day. 

This is purely a reaction piece. The reason why it is being posted so much later is I didn’t want to flaunt the fact we were expecting a PS5 to be delivered to our apartment until it was in our hands. A little paranoid, probably, but better safe than sorry.

The Twitter user we got the information about the PS5 restocks can be found here.

3 thoughts on “We just got a PS5!!

    1. Thanks! We did consider waiting for the same reason but our PS4 has had some issues. We lost save data twice on it. So ours was a much of a decision to replace our finicky console as upgrading to the shiny new console.

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