Geek Aporia News

Hello, my lovely readers! This is just a quick update about two series that I have been planning on this blog. 

The first announcement is a new series! It’s called “Petty Reviews”. Sometimes when I’m watching tv or playing games I have moments of strong feelings. This series is going to be all these moments of strong opinions, snap judgments, and “what the heck?!” reactions. Now, normally I only post full reviews of things I have played or watched to the end. I try to make them fair and comprehensive. That’s not how “Petty Reviews” is going to work. They are going to be short snippets not meant to be taken too seriously. It’s not a reflection of how I feel about said topics as a whole. Right now the plan is to post this new series every other Wednesday. Look forward to it!

Next, we have the “Gaming with Grandma” series. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading about me (and my husband) playing video games with his grandma. A big thanks to her for giving me permission to post our gaming sessions on Geek Aporia! As you can imagine, we don’t always have the opportunity to visit her and play video games. My next post in this series will be the last for a while. Don’t worry, I will post more “Gaming with Grandma” entries whenever I have the opportunity. 

Comment below or send me a message to tell me what you think and what content you want to see. Thank you! 

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog posts.

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