Angry Beans: Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

Normally I hate playing battle royale video games. For me to say “I like Fall Guys it’s pretty good for an online battle royale game” is a big indicator that it’s pretty darn good. In Fall Guys you don’t directly eliminate your competition. Instead, everyone competes in a series of mini-game stages until only one player is standing victorious. I find this more engaging than the typical gameplay of simply shooting your opponents and trying not to die. There are multiple games with unique rules and challenges. This motivates you to keep on playing to see and beat all the different stages. Fall Guys makes you have a desire to win against the game instead of just trying to be the best player.  


Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

I recommend it to people who want a quick video game experience or to those who like playing battle royale games. 

To put my rating in perspective the only other exclusively online battle royale game I’ve played is Fortnite. I only played one round of Fortnite because my husband handed me the controller while his character was plummeting to the ground and said “Here”. Then he walked too far away for me to give it back. So I played a round. It was okay. I survived for a while before being shot by someone. I just thought it was boring. If I was going to rank Fortnite I would give it a 2/10. I just don’t like battle royale games.  

You would like this game if

  • Enjoy playing battle royale games
  • Like colorful mini-games
  • Have a little bit of time to kill
  • Want to show off cosmetic swag
  • Think that trolling people is fun 
  • Playing platforming games is something you like


Battle royale games normally don’t have much of a story. Fall Guys is no different. What it does have is a setting. These games are set up as part of a competition being broadcasted to the masses. You play as a sentient jelly bean with arms and legs in five rounds of games with a total of sixty bean people. After each round people are eliminated until only one remains and awarded the crown. Still no matter the ultimate win or loss of each player they are brought back to the starting menu to do the same thing over and over again. According to the lore; you are trapped, forced to perform in these games in an endless cycle with no escape. It’s a rather dark setting for such a colorful, cheerful game. Try not to think about it.    


The gameplay is pretty simple. There aren’t any items you can pick up or use. The four things you can do are run, jump, dive, and grab. That’s all. It sounds simple. It should be simple but it’s harder than it looks. Mainly because the character doesn’t control well. They are clumsy, occasionally unresponsive, and they fall down…. a lot. The second big obstacle is the other players. They knock you around and get in your way. Some people actively troll all the rest of the players by actively hindering progress; standing in your way or grabbing you. Those people are the worst. These two factors combined can make Fall Guys frustrating after a while. This is why I don’t play this game for longer than a half-hour. I get too ragey. 

Each round of play has five rounds with different mini-game stages. Fall Guys has a variety of stages. These stages all fall into one basic category obstacle courses, team games, and survival time trials. Obstacle courses are pretty straightforward. All you have to do is navigate the course and cross the finish line over the elimination threshold. In team games, players are divided into two or three teams and the losing team is eliminated. In the survival stages, you just avoid elimination until the timer runs out or until a set number of players are eliminated. As the round loads, you see snapshots of possible stages scroll past. When one is selected there will be a short period before the start with instructions displayed. Then the round starts and you try your best. As you continually encounter stages you learn how to do better making it easier to win. Still, there is be a lot of luck involved in this game, especially in the team stages. There is never any guarantee of success in Fall Guys.   

As you play the game you earn currency called Kudos and gain Fame. As your fame rises you unlock cosmetic rewards and crowns. The Kudos and crowns you earn can be spent in game on outfits, colors, patterns, and emotes. Part of the fun of playing Fall Guys is dressing up your bean person then showing off your fancy outfits. 

Worst Parts

  • Other people. They get in the way and sometimes intentionally troll you. Playing fall guys has made me curse humanity multiple times. 
  • Team games, some are better than others but you don’t have as much control over the outcome of whether or not you pass or fail a game. 
  • Cosmetics items are kind of expensive.
  • Load time before matches begin. It sometimes takes a few minutes to get enough players to start the game. That’s just how multiplayer online games work but it’s still a test of patience. Especially if you are playing multiple times in a row. 
  • The bumbling jelly bean you play as is designed to move awkwardly and be clumsy. It’s in the title. Fall Guys, so you fall a lot. It can get frustrating when it feels like you have to fight against your character on top of the game itself and the other players. 
  • I haven’t won yet. *Sigh* It’s very sad. 

Best Parts

  • Fall Guys is very colorful and the music is upbeat. The game creates a whimsical vibe, which is unique as most video games have more serious tones. 
  • Playing levels for the first time is fun as it presents a unique challenge.
  • Beating levels for the first time., Kind of obvious I know, but it is always a rush.
  • It’s a good mindless activity. When you don’t have a lot of brainpower available Fall Guys is a good game to play. It’s short and fun and doesn’t require much thought. This is probably the main reason why I keep coming back to play this game now and then. 
  • Buying cosmetics. I’m a collector at heart and my primitive monkey brain says to buy the shiny things. 
  • The quest to finally win a match of Fall Guys. I have made it to the final round a few times. The challenge is engaging. I’ll admit that my competitive nature does also keep me trying to win. 

*Image belongs to Mediatonic developer of Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout

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